Chapter 1: Demonic Doctor’s Inheritance

Chapter 1: Demonic Doctor’s Inheritance

“Doctor! Where’s the doctor!? This person’s fading! He’s flat-lining!”

“Hurry! Over here! There’s a someone injured over here! Hurry up!”

“Oxygen’s coming, oxygen’s coming. Make way, make way……”



His mind was filled with chaotic shouting, and his body was in great pain……

Everything was a huge jumbled mess, and Liu Chu felt like he was going to die.

Right, the car accident!

He suddenly remembered that he’d been caught up in a terrifying car accident.

I was thrown off the scooter he used to deliver mail……

My back hit the ground……

I rolled over a few times……

I lost consciousness……

But situation right now ——

Is it a case of terminal lucidity[1]? Am I going to die?!


Thinking that he was going to die, Liu Chu couldn’t resist sighing.

Sorry little brother, I can’t help pay for your university fees.

Then there’s mom and dad, your son has disappointed you.

You’ve worked so hard raising this son for 22 years, that you’ve never been able to enjoy life, not even for a single day……

“Dr Chen! Hurry! Hurry! There’s a seriously injured person here and he’s unconsci-……huh? He……he opened his eyes! He’s still alive, he’s still alive…… hurry up! He can still be saved!!”

A young female nurse wearing a pure white uniform and shouting loudly suddenly entered Liu Chu’s blurry line of sight.

Liu Chu, who was originally going to speak up, suddenly heard the voice of someone downright evil pop up in his head.

“Apocalypse! This majesty has already destroyed the void and your physical body. Now, you are no more than an ordinary person and yet you still dare to have delusions of stopping this majesty?!”

Right after, a fair and just voice that carried a sort of magnetic attraction spoke neither too hurriedly nor too slowly.

“Celestial Heart, even though this seat has been titled Apocalypse, in the ten thousand years this seat has cultivated, this seat has done uncountable good deeds and achieved the highest nirvana. How can this seat let you harm this child’s life for your own selfish purposes?!”

Liu Chu was extremely shaken.

He could clearly sense that the two voices didn’t come from the surroundings, but rather directly appeared in his head.

Hallucinating, he had to be hallucinating……

Right then, the voice of a male entered his ears.

“Xiao Zhang, stop shouting! Look at what he’s wearing! Chances are he can’t even pay the ambulance fee much less the treatment fees. What’s the point of helping him?! We should focus on saving the guy in the Benz. Zeze, a Patek Philippe watch. This probably costs about twenty years worth of our salary.”

“But…… He seems to be seriously injured,

If we don’t immediately treat him, his life could be in danger. We can’t just……”

The kindhearted nurse didn’t given up. She continued begging to get Liu Chu treated.

Unexpectedly, before she could say the words, “watch him die”, Dr Chen cut her off with an angry roar.

“Hmph! Do you still want this months bonus?! Or could it be that the injured person in this car doesn’t need treatment?! Look at him, his hand is bleeding! A nurse here on internship like you actually dares defy a doctor’s orders? You’ll fail the test and won’t be able to be a full-time worker. When that happens, don’t come crying to me!”

Afterwards, Liu Chu watched the nurse walk away with a conflicted expression on her face.

But, he soon heard the nurse’s anxious voice once again.

“Dr Chen, hurry up and think of something! His breathing is getting faint! He’s going to die soon!”

“Xiao Zhang, I want to fucking save him too! But he has internal bleeding and I don’t have the tools to stop it! He probably won’t even make it to the hospital! Too unlucky! Just too unlucky! Who knew that standing in for a shift would result in me encountering such a wretched matter If I knew this was going to happen, I wouldn’t have promised that brat Chen Hui. This time I’ll have to make him bleed a bit and put some wine on the table to calm my nerves!” Dr Chen shouted as he wiped the sweat off his forehead.

At this moment, Liu Chu’s body had regained some strength and he managed to sit up with difficulty.

He forcefully shook his heavy head, hoping to find out if he really was having hallucinations.

But right after shaking his head, a demonic voice once again blasted out like thunder:

“Brat, stop shaking your head. This darn book greatly represses me. I will pass this supreme demonic technique to you. Your future will depend on your destiny! Apocalypse, although I have been vanquished, I have already become a Newborn Demon[2]. Haha! You are not my match!”

“Little friend, don’t worry. This throne will definitely put down this savage old demon for the sake of you and the righteous path!”

Then, a cool sensation appeared and spread from between his eyebrows.

It felt like there was something similar to a jujube seed spinning around over there.

Uncountable black lines peeled off from the seed and drifted into his soul like willow catkins in the wind.

The mysterious memory fragments were like a black lotus blooming as they opened up one after the other……

“Out of the way!”

Right when the nurse and Dr Chen were at a loss, a cold voice suddenly came from behind the two.

“Wh-wh-what…… What are you doing!?” Dr Chen stuttered as he subconsciously stepped back.

His body was trembling with fear.

“What am I doing…… oh, nothing much. I just wanna see if I can save him? Hopefully there’s still enough time!”

Liu Chu too was stunned.

That cold voice he spoke with, it seemed like it came from a different person.

It’s no wonder that guy would be scared to the point of backing off and speaking with a stutter.

Looks like even though that demonic master Celestial Heart was being suppressed by Apocalypse’s magic book, I was still affected by him.

“Beautiful lady, just now you spoke for me and tried to help me. So this time, I’ll help you out. After this, neither of us owes the other anything!”

He spoke to the nurse who was still holding onto the right hand of the middle-aged man in the Benz and looking at Liu Chu absentmindedly with a calm voice.

He grew up in a farming village, causing him to be naturally kind as well as understand how a little help brings great returns.

Moreover, he was influenced by the demonic master, Tian Xin. So, he discriminated between kindness and enmity even more clearly, and would definitely handle things properly.

“Ah……help me? You!”

Only then did Zhang Qianyi snap out of her daze. However, she still thought that she was hallucinating.

Isn’t he that casualty I saw just now?

He was obviously violently rammed by the car, and his pulse was extremely weak……

But now he’s actually standing here full of energy and saying he wants to help me?!

Also, wasn’t his arm broken?

I’m pretty sure I saw his arm bending the wrong way just now……

Maybe I didn’t sleep well last night some I’m a bit out of it today?!

“Xiao Zhang, Xiao Zhang, hurry up and come over here!”

Dr Chen pulled over the little nurse and whispered in her ear, “Just let that idiot mess around. The other guy is probably a goner. Since this dumbass is willing to try and save him, then let him give it a shot!”

When Zhang Qianyi heard those words, she naturally understood what Dr Chen was plotting.

Right when she was about to see something, she saw a bunch of white-clothed doctors run over while panting.

“Dr Chen, what are you doing? There are way too many casualties here but not enough manpower, so the director sent us over to help you.” The leader of the group toadily said.

“This crazy brat is messing with that injured person over there. He won’t let us do our job!” Dr Chen cut in before Zhang Qianyi could speak up.

“Hurry up and look like we’re saving people! Reporters are coming!” the leader of the group whispered to Dr Chen.

Dr Chen had an epiphany. After muttering something under his breath, he immediately began assigning responsibilities to each doctor.

Watching those guys’ performance, Liu Chu’s mouth subconsciously warped into a cold smile.

If one’s heart is good, their ventures shall be successful; justice and evil, all stem from the heart!

[1] It’s not really terminal lucidity. The term is 回光返照 which means to regain consciousness a few moments before dying.

[2] 新魔. Whatever that means


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