Chapter 2: Saving the Unsaveable

Chapter 2: Saving the Unsaveable

“Hey, brat, piss off and stop obstructing our work. If something happens can you bear responsibility for it?!”

At the moment, a person was pulling Liu Chu’s shoulder.


As if he was using some sort of skill, Liu Chu’s shoulder slightly shook.


The person grabbing it suddenly staggered backwards as if he had received a heavy blow. Then, he collapsed on the ground.

Without even groaning, the man fell unconscious.

“You killed him! You killed him!”

Unable to expect such a situation, the other doctors at the side were briefly stunned. Shortly after, they began shouting.

Dr. Chen held back the people who wanted to go up and help out and winked at them.

They were dumbfounded for awhile. Then, they followed his line of sight and saw a group of reporters and cameramen dashing over.

They immediately understood Dr. Chen’s thoughts.

The guy lying inside the Benz is already a gone case.

Since the situation was hopeless, why should we waste our effort?!

The reporters have already arrived. If we manage to save the man then great.

But if he dies in our care, wouldn’t we be shooting ourselves in the foot?!

Since that’s the case, we should just let this dumbass fuck around.

When the man dies, we can just push all the blame to this dumbass. He’s the perfect scapegoat!

And so, when the cameramen started taking pictures of the scene, a strange image came out.

Several doctors wearing white coats were gesticulating at something in front of them.

More specifically, a young man wearing a bloodied short sleeve T-shirt. His expression was incomparably focused. His right hand writing and drawing on the body of an unconscious person while mumbling something.

The youth’s shirt was torn at some places, and his jeans had several holes in them.

There was even blood at his mouth and his left hand was powerlessly hanging on his shoulder looking like it was broken.

“Reporters have rushed to the exit of Donghai City’s expressway. Below, is the live broadcast of the scene……”

After hearing the news, a beautiful female reporter rushed over. She who was panting, for the sake of snatching a top story, didn’t even bother looking at the situation and just rushed over.

The cameraman in front of her gave her a glare, but she completely ignored him.


As Donghai City TV’s vice-president Zhang Jianguo watched the live telecast from a broadcast centre, he smashed his teacup on the ground.

“Bullshit! This is pure bullshit! What the hell is wrong with Xiao Liu!?”

How is this scene doctors hard at work saving lives? This is obviously a group of doctors watching an injured person mess around with the body of another injured person wearing a suit.

Could it be that the two of them have some sort of deep-seated hatred between them?

Even now he’s trying to kill the other guy!

“What the hell are you guys waiting for!? Hurry up and give Xiao Liu a call! Tell her to point the camera somewhere else!” Zhang Jianguo roared

When this broadcast gets out, just how badly will Donghai People’s Hospital’s reputation get damaged?

“Vice-president Zhang, Anchorwoman Liu’s phone is off……”

“Doctor, what is going on?”

Anchorwoman Liu knew that what she was doing wasn’t a good idea. But as a reporter, she had to interview them at all costs.

Dr. Chen pulled himself together, I’m about to go on TV. He put his coat in order, faced the camera and said, “We paramedics rushed to the scene of the accident as fast as we could. Unfortunately, that man’s injury was just too heavy. So, despite doing our best, it wasn’t enough. As for the younger casualty, we think that the accident damaged his brain. He pushed us away and wouldn’t let us help him. He even knocked out that unconscious paramedic over there.”

Dr. Chen had a glib tongue. He made it seem like they’d already tried their best to save the dying man.

At the same time, he had shifted the blame to Liu Chu.

Anchorwoman Liu obviously had no idea what to do in this sort of situation. She didn’t even know what to ask.


Suddenly, the wounded man lying on the ground suddenly spat out some blood.

Liu Chu softly sighed. He turned towards the thunderstruck group of people and said, “He’s fine now.”

The cameraman faithfully recorded Liu Chu’s calm words.

Suddenly, his face warped in pain, and his forehead became soaked in sweat.

However, Liu Chu grit his teeth and bore with it. However, the pain was too much and he fainted in front of the camera.

Anchorwoman Liu was shocked. She disregarded the still broadcasting camera and ran over.

The nurse called Zhang Qianyi had rushed even faster and was kneeling at Liu Chu’s side, embracing him.

Among the people on-site, only she knew exactly how serious his injuries were.

Not talking about anything else, how many people could bear with having an arm broken in a car accident without so much as wincing?

Not to mention the fact that he used some strange method to save the doomed middle-aged man.

Even though just now she too believed that he had damaged his brain and was simply messing around.

“President Zhao has been found! President Zhao is over here!”

“Hurry up, take a look at President Zhao’s injuries!”

“Ready the medical equipment! Hurry up!”

A white haired old man surrounded by several other doctors rushed over.

Seeing the group of people rushing over, fear appeared in Dr. Chen’s eyes.

President Zhao……

Zhao Jinhu?!

No wonder this man looked so familiar.

He’s a famous entrepreneur and the third richest man in the city. He doesn’t bother keeping a low profile and is always on TV.

Dr. Chen felt a bit regretful. If he had known who the person was, he would’ve at least acted like he was trying to save him. Maybe He could’ve gotten a red packet.

But then again, it’s a good thing I didn’t do anything. After all, this President Zhao is going to die.

If his family for some reason decides to blame me, there’s no way in hell I’d be able to take responsibility for it.

As for what Liu Chu said just now about President Zhao being fine, Dr. Chen simply thought that that was all crazy talk.

Just now he had personally checked President Zhao’s situation. It wasn’t just a bit dangerous. President Zhao had already placed both feet in the grave and was simply waiting to be buried.

Moreover, he spat out a mouthful of blood just now. There was simply no way he’d make it out alive.

“I am the deputy director of Donghai People’s Hospital’s emergency department.  President Zhao’s injury is extremely serious. Moreover, he was very likely harmed by that youth just now. Everybody, please restrain your grief.”

Dr. Chen went up and spoke in front of the camera. This was firstly, to increase his publicity and secondly, to push all the blame onto Liu Chu.

When the time comes, even if there is outrage from, it shouldn’t land on me.

“It is a pleasure to meet you Deputy Director Chen, but you could please  move aside? Even if there’s only a thread of hope, we can’t give up.”

The person speaking was a beautiful woman. She emitted a faint heroic spirit, but inside her eyes, was unconcealable sadness.

Chen Tu[1] stared at her in a daze. He felt that she was very familiar.


She’s Zhao Fufei!

The eldest of Zhao Jinhu’s beloved daughters.

And also the future head of the Zhao Family Group.

After carefully examining Zhao Jinhu’s situation, the white haired old man’s face became as tranquil as water.

He lifted his head, looked at Chen Tu and asked, “Dr Chen, you saved Jinhu?”

When Chen Tu heard that, he was extremely surprised, and softly said, “It wasn’t easy.”

[1] Doctor’s name


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