Chapter 2: My Pocket Money!

Chapter 2: My Pocket Money!

“Class is out. I ought to go back home.” Liu Yang muttered to himself.

After holding horse stance for 10 minutes, Liu Yang’s thighs felt sour, feeling as if they’ve swollen.

After seeing the language teacher leave, behind his back, Liu Yang used his two hands to gesture, “Walk slowly, or else you’ll fall to death.”

Liu Yang hobbled into the classroom. Gathering his stuff, he planned on leaving until he head someone laughing, “Haha! Garbage Liu, I never thought you would be this fun! In the future, i’ll give you more opportunities to perform!”

Liu Yang wanted to beat up the person before his eyes, but he lacked the courage, not knowing if it was innate, or the circumstances of his cowardly nature.

His fists were clenched, but just before the attack, his courage seemed to have started leaking until there was nothing at all.

Liu Yang helplessly nodded his head. In class, even in the whole school, no matter if one was shorter or taller, they’d still bully him.

Liu Yang thought of his past few years. In the past, he had the opportunity to retort back, but now, he didn’t dare.

“Garbage Liu, we are leaving.”

Hearing being called Garbage Liu, Liu Yang’s felt unwell. You are the trash! Only this phrase could only be said internally…

Don’t think about it anymore. Just go home.

Liu Yang looked towards the sky. Can a something as useless as me ever turn it’s life around?

“Liu Yang, how come you still aren’t leaving?”

Approaching was Ning Jingjing, a school committee member. She was assigned to lock all the doors after school.

Liu Yang put down his books down and looked up. He discovered that the voice was from his classmate, Ning Jingjing

Ning Jing. She was the prettiest girl in his senior year, second class. At the same time, she was also the prettiest girl in the whole school. She would always be rated first on the beauty charts, receiving countless confessions on the daily.

Not only did she look beautiful, she was also the model student. She was top three in the school, the ideal student that teachers talk about.

From the first year of middle school, Ning Jingjing was always in Liu Yang’s class. Furthermore, they were neighbors, only separated by a single house.

Originally, Ning Jinging wasn’t supposed to be neighbors with Liu Yang. Her family had money, with several properties around Tian Zhong City. Ther father was a famous entrepreneur around here.

It had been said that her family’s old home was located here. In order to cherish the memory of his late grandparents, her father bought an apartment here and let Ning Jingjing attend school around the vicinity. Due to her father being incredibly busy, working around the clock, he didn’t have any time to take care of her.

Liu Yang stared at Ning Jingjing. How beautiful!

To this point, he had never managed to observe her this closely, not realizing the extent of her beauty. No wonder she ranks first on the beauty rankings.

Looking at Liu Yang staring at her, Ning Jingjing was a girl, more so, a traditional one. She wasn’t like the other girls that slapped or seduced guys.

Ning Jing Jing’s face immediately blushed as she softly asked, “What are you looking at?”

“Pretty! Pretty! Hehe!” as Liu Yan Felt his mind started to wander around. Quickly correcting himself, he confusedly continued, “No, no! I’m not looking at anything, nothing at all!”

Observing Liu Yang’s dim-witted response, Ning Jingjing’s complexion turned a few shades better. “Why haven’t you gone home yet! It’s already so late.”

“Hehe… I’m leaving in a bit, you go first!”, Liu Yang replied.

“Alright! I’ll be leaving. Remember to do your homework and let me check it tomorrow!”

Liu Yang sheepishly smiled, responding, “As you wish captain!”

Seeing Ning Jingjing walk away, Liu Yang felt incredibly grateful. After all these years, she was the only one to not laugh at and mock LiuYang.

Furthermore, she constantly encouraged him, urging him to focus more on his studies.

Suddenly, towards his neighbor and classmate Ning Jingjing, Liu Yang developed indescribable feelings.

“Absolutely not. How could her family accept a trash like me, an incredibly bad student.”

Liu Yang shook his head, attempting to get those delusions out of his mind.

Liu Yang believed that the only reason Ning Jingjing paid any attention to him was their relationship as neighbors, or perhaps she felt that he was incredibly pitiful.

Right, it had to be like this. There’s no way she would ever like me. Stop thinking about that.

Liu Yang picked up his backpack, madly sprinting to his house. On his way home, he arrived at an unavoidable alley.

He wanted to turn around and run, but before he knew it, his path of retreat became blocked. In front of him was a 180cm plus man, coldly staring at him.

Liu Yng became extremely frightened, “I feel that walking this path would be a bit better.”

Crouching down was a teenager smoking, his hair dyed blond. Looking at Liu Yang, he casually threw the butt away, exhaling the last bit of smoke. Slowly, he started to stand up, edging closer towards Liu Yang.

“Xu….. Big Brother Xu! H-Hello!”

Seeing Xu Xing walking closer towards him, Liu Yang started greeting him, stuttering in fright.

Xu Xing was another one of the 4 thugs in the school, his position even higher than that of Ma Hu. Among all the people at the school, Xu Xing was the guy Liu Yang feared the most.

Perhaps Xu Xing had beaten him up too many times! Maybe that’s why Liu Yang developed a subconscious fear towards him.

“Garbage Liu, Today why did you come back so late!”

“This, Big Brother Xu…..”

Liu Yang was just about to offer an explanation when Xu Xing interrupted him, “Is it because the trip is long, causing you to walk slowly? Is that why you were late?”

“Right. Right. Right. It’s just as you said. Big Brother Xu, how did you know?”

“You always use this damn excuse. Are you unable to come up with something new?

Xu Xing couldn’t help but to slap the back of Liu Yang’s head abit. “Using this damn excuse every day, even my ears are getting tired of it.”

After slapping a bit, Xu Xing put his hands down and asked, “Did you bring any money today? My brothers have been in some difficult times recently. We want to ask to borrow some from you.

You fucking what?

Every time, he would be asked to lend money. Yet at the end, when Liu Yang would ask for the money back, all we would receive is a beating. Xu Xing would ask, “Did I owe you anything?”

And so, Liu Yang was helpless to do anything. He would always reply, “None, Big Brother Xu doesn’t owe anything!”

Recalling this, Liu Yang grew a bit annoyed. In his bag, he only carried with him a few bills. This is meant to be used to buy a tea soaked egg tomorrow. If I gave it to you, what would I be able to eat tomorrow?

His household wasn’t wealthy. They relied on his father selling vegetable and doing some odd jobs to get by.

In order to allow Liu Yang to attend university and for his own face, Liu Yang’s father rented an apartment in the most expensive neighborhood. All this was in order to avoid other people’s ridicule.

Okay! His fists were bigger then Liu Yang’s, so there was nothing that he could do.

Seeing Liu Yang wavering, not replying after a while, Xu Xing pressed on, “Garbage Liu, hurry it up, what are you waiting for?”

“This, Xu….. Big Brother Xu, I don’t have any money today.”

Liu Yang mumbled out, afraid of getting a beating.

“No money?” Xu asked doubtfully, “How could you not have any money? Don’t you have money every day? Are you afraid that I won’t return it back?”


Hearing this phrase, Liu Yang knew that Xu Xing was about to get angry, and that he needed to hurry up and explain.

“Big Brother Xu, I truly don’t have any today. If you don’t believe me, go ahead and check.

Saying this, Liu Yang emptied the pockets from his clothes, even opening up the zipper on his pants.

Carefully scanning, Xu Xing discovered that he actually didn’t have anything, and quickly decided, “Alright, I’ll believe you today. Let’s leave!”

Seeing Xu Xing and his underling walk away, Liu Yang couldn’t help but laugh, “It turns out i’m this clever! I was able to hide my money away from sight.”

Liu Yang slowly leaned against the wall, taking off his shoes, fishing out the 10 Yuan he had hidden inside.

Picking the bill up, Liu Yang couldn’t help but to kiss it, “My pocket money!”

“Alright! Garbage Liu, to think that you would play this trick on me. Watch as I beat you to death today.”

Xu Xing, along with a few guys, trapped Liu Yang, pinning him upon the wall. Seeing his head about to ram into the wall, Liu Yang felt scared to death. “Big Brother Xu, if there’s anything, we can discuss it. Isn’t it just money?”

Hearing this phrase, Xu Xing once again put Liu Yang down. He continued to ask, “DO you have anymore money? How much do you have? Do you have 50?

“Money is not the problem! The problem is not money!”

“Okay. Those that try to swindle us, they get dealt with.”

“No, Big Brother Xu. Let’s discuss this out. Let me down first. Across the street, there’s a beautiful woman looking at you.

Liu Yang tried to talk his way out of this, but Xu Xing won’t ever fall for his tricks anymore.


Repeatedly knocked down, Liu Yang started to lose consciousness.

“This 10 Yuan, we brothers will use it for a pack of cigarettes!”

As Xu Xing and his gang were about to depart, Liu Yang managed to stand back up.

Seeing Liu Yang act this way, Xu Xing curled his lips, asking “What? Did we beat you too lightly? Do you want us to continue!”

While laughing, Xu Xing once more walked towards Liu Yang.

Liu Yang didn’t know what was happening. As if possessed by a ghost, in a split second, he managed to strike Xu Xing with his fist.


Xu Xing became dazed, no expecting Liu Yang to have hit him. Holding his bloody mouth, “To think you have the nerves to hit me. If you have the balls, then hit me again.”


One after another, a barrage of fists landed on Xu Xing’s face, causing him to become muddle-headed and down for the count.

As for the underlings standing close by, seeing Liu Yang abruptly turning this fierce, one of them ran away screaming, “I, I need to pee. Where’s the bathroom!”

“What did I do just now?”

After a few people ran away, Liu Yang once again came back to his senses. “Just now, what did I do?”

Suddenly, he discovered Xu Xing lying on the ground. Frightened out of his mind, he exclaimed. “Ah! Big Brother Xu, what happened to you?”

“Something’s wrong, I should run.” Just as he was about to run, he grabbed the few bills in Xu Xing’s hand and left.

“This is my money, give it back!”


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