Chapter 1: Sexual Harassment

Chapter 1: Sexual Harassment

Tianning High School, Tian Hai City. Tianning district’s 2nd high school, 3rd year second class. The language teacher was currently holding a piece of chalk, writing information on the board. In Liu Yang’s hands was a textbook.

Towards the textbook in his hand, Liu Yang inwardly cursed it saying, “These people from ancient times… After eating their fill, they go about and create these words. Do they have to make them this damn hard to understand.

What kind of flood? Isn’t it just water with two more dots? I’ve always read it as water. In actuality, isn’t it close enough? It’s just two more dots. What difference does it make?    [淼 vs 水]

And what even was in the head of a person back then? THey probably didn’t drink enough milk, or consume enough nutrition. They had to be lacking in brains!

And maybe their brain was too abnormal, with the cerebellum being too malnourished, lacking in pervertedness.

Liu Yang lied on the desk, his mind full of imagine the people from ancient times trying to create new words!

It ought to be like this!

And so, that is why they wildly created these disorderly, hard to remember words.

“Garbage Liu, Garbage Liu!”

“Ah? Big Brother Ma, you called for me?”

Hearing someone shouting at him, Liu Yang slowly put down the textbook, turning his head to find Ma Hu was calling him.

Ma Hu was Tianning High School’s little tyrant. As one of the 4 great thugs of the school, due to the influence of their parents, no matter what they did, the school would turn a blind eye. At least that was what he heard his classmates say.

“Garbage Liu. Just now, Ye Zi complained about me. Go punish her a bit.”

Punish a bit? How so?”

Liu Yang had some misgivings, not knowing what to do. After all, he was lazy, not fond of using his brains. All he knew was how to eat food.”

“Do as you see fit. I won’t micromanage you.” Ma Hu said, lowering his head to check his Vacheron Constantin brand watch.” There is still half an hour till everyone is dismissed. During this time, if i haven’t seen her receive any punishment…”

Ma Hu darkly looked at Liu Yang, “Hehe! I’ll let you become a Grade One State protected species, the black-necked crane.”

“Okay! I understand.”

Liu Yang extremely unwillingly promised Ma Hu’s excessive request.

If he didn’t agree, then he would probably be called out for some “fun” after school.

He didn’t want to be called again to become someone’s target, allowing people to aim apples to smash at his face. This feeling was too difficult to bear.

However, to let himself punish her. How do i do so?”

Liu Yang racked his brains, but still couldn’t come up with any ideas. And at this moment, time wasn’t stopping. If he didn’t start giving, then he would start receiving. Being hit, being thrown…..

Picturing this Liu Yang started to feel fear.

Another 10 minutes passed as dismissal was soon approaching. Liu Yang started to panic.

If he didn’t act now, he’ll lose the opportunity. Yet, he still didn’t know how…

Suddenly, Liu Yang’s brain came up with an audacious plan, “sexual harassment!”

Out of the question. Absolutely not. Never. Doing something like this would make people curse at you for being indecent.

Yet if not this, then what else? Being hit, more over by a girl, even if it was ten hits, would still be better than a single strike from Ma Hu’s side.

Although Liu Yang’s brain was lazy, when push came to shove, he managed to get things done.

Forget it, let’s throw caution out the air.

Liu Yang exhaled, relying on his undying spirit,in a spurt of energy, he flipped the disk of ink all over Ye Zi’s skirt.

[They’re writing calligraphy]


Immediately, a shrill shriek, as if coming from a lion, burst through the air, spreading to every corner of the campus.

“Liu Yang, get the fuck out of the class and go do a horse stance!”

The literature teacher’s hair stood up in anger, smoke coming out of his nose.

“Haha! Garbage Liu sure is hilarious!”

Ma Hu was the first to burst out laughing and those around him immediately followed suit.

They had nothing to do, so they liked playing with Liu Yang, letting him do bad things, making them laugh. Just now, this managed to help interrupt their tedious days.

Liu Yang obediently walked out of classroom, standing outside the room.

Every time it’s me. Every time, you guys always look towards me to find pleasure. Why not look for prostitutes, why must you look for me?

This caused Liu Yang’s reputation to go through the gutter, making him feel furious and want to beat Ma Hu up.

However, when thinking about Ma Hu, a bulky 180cm plus guy, with a couple of his underlings, any one of these people could beat Liu Yang into a pulp.

Thinking like this, Liu Yang decided to forget about it. Practicing horse stance was actually pretty good. It could strengthen one’s body.

Seeing himself give himself excuses, Liu Yang felt that he was too cowardly. Everytime, he would give himself a justification. But if he didn’t do so, what else could he do?


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