Table of Contents

My Wife Is A Beautiful CEO has been moved to , here is the Table of Contents for CEO!

Chapters 1 – 40
Chapter 1: Mutton Skewer Seller
Chapter 2: Money is Needed to Find a Prostitute
Chapter 3: Initiative
Chapter 4: Reaction
Chapter 5: What I Hate The Most
Chapter 6: Infuriate
Chapter 7: Police Beauty Chief
Chapter 8: Chrysanthemum Tea
Chapter 9: You’re Shameless
Chapter 10: A Stain In One’s Life
Chapter 11: As A Guest
Chapter 12: I’m Really A Mutton Skewers Seller!
Chapter 13: Marriage
Chapter 14: A New Home
Chapter 15: My Wife Is A Rich Woman
Chapter 16: The Father-in-Law Appears
Chapter 17: Even A Pig Is Cuter Than Him
Chapter 18: Charming Rose
Chapter 19: Objects Like Bullets
Chapter 20: Monkey King And His Mate
Chapter 21: Stupid Woman
Chapter 22: Moment of Life and Death
Chapter 23: The Young Lady’s Threat
Chapter 24: Delivering Food
Chapter 25: Taking A Job
Chapter 26: I Am Used To Never Looking Back
Chapter 27: Bohemia
Chapter 28: I Am Proud Of Selling Mutton Skewers
Chapter 29: The Chirpy PR Department
Chapter 30: CEO
Chapter 31: Pledge
Chapter 32: Big Bro
Chapter 33: Truly Too Caring
Chapter 34: Who’s The Crude One?
Chapter 35: Wait For Me Tonight
Chapter 36: Visiting The Chen Residence
Chapter 37: Mistreatment
Chapter 38: Ruined Door
Chapter 39: Two Choices
Chapter 40: Cooperate With The Investigation


Chapters 41 –
Chapter 41: Looking Back With A Smile Brings A Hundred Times The Charm
Chapter 42: Breakfast Time
Chapter 43: I Must Reward Myself Well
Chapter 44: Three
Chapter 45: Negotiation
Chapter 46: Mister Has Great Insight
Chapter 47: You’re Even An Action Movie Star
Chapter 48: Two Types Of People Who Are The Scariest
Chapter 49: Accidental Meeting At The Corridor
Chapter 50: Colleague
Chapter 51: Returning With A Cloud Of Dust
Chapter 52: It’s Your Turn
Chapter 53: Half A Month
Chapter 54: Best Friend
Chapter 55: Young Master Is Wise
Chapter 56: That’d Be Very Difficult
Chapter 57: What A Coincidence


Genre: Action, Drama, Romance, Modern, Harem, Mature, Martial Arts
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