Which Series Should We Pickup?

Hello All.

We’re just temporarily using this website to house a few teasers that we’ve translated. Please give them all a read, then vote for the one you feel that we should focus on translating! The one that gets the most votes will be picked up at shiroyukitranslations.com as our main project!

We are recruiting 3 editors to help us with the novel chosen. Each chapter will have 2 editors working on it, with the 3rd one on standby to deal with any disputes they may have. As we strongly believe in autonomy of editors, who does what chapter and how the pay is split will be decided by you(assuming you sign up and pass the test). And no you didn’t read wrong. Editors are paid. However, instead of paying them one by one or a set amount each, we’ve decided to dedicate a percentage of all chapter proceeds to the three editors who will then split it among themselves however they choose. The percentage is negotiable, but for the moment we’re looking at 20% of chapter earnings.

If interested, please email zhuang_dong_yao@qq.com!

Oh and fill in these tests before you email us.

The novels we have selected are final. Anyone requesting something not part of the 6 better get ready to have their head cussed off.

Vote Here!

Cataclysmic Transformation

Chapter 1: Maple Leaf Village

Chapter 2: Oath

Sin City

Chapter 1: Growing Up

Top Class Divine Doctor

Chapter 1: Demonic Doctor’s Inheritance

Chapter 2: Saving the Unsaveable

Return of the Net Gaming Monarch

Chapter 1: Violence, Rogue

Chapter 2: A Guild Called Empire

Cultivator’s Heaven

Chapter 1: Night Rain in Changan

The School’s Omnipotent Useless Garbage

Chapter 1: Sexual Harassment

Chapter 2: My Pocket Money!